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A Christmas Wonderland Exclusive! 

Santa's Helper is the hottest new craze! Remember the "Elf on the Shelf?" Great item, but it was missing a very important element...instant feedback!

The way it works:

When you're kids are "good," the bulb glows green, which means "toys are in production."

When the kids are misbehaving, the bulb glows red...uh oh...Santa has received the report from the elf and he's not happy...production has stopped.

Christmas morning, the bulb will glow in a changing pattern of 16 different's a happy day!

Here's the secret:

The unit comes with a remote control....the parent is controlling the light without the kids knowledge! Let us tell you...this thing is amazing. When the kids are bad, don't say a word....just press the button and the color changes. The kids will notice and begin pleading with the elf. "Please tell Santa, we'll be good!" You'll also notice a funny thing happen...because the elf doesn't care which child is being bad, the kids will start to act as a team. It's really cool to watch them interact with this elf as companions, and help monitor eachothers behavior.

The elf has posable arms and legs, so you can hang him almost anywhere, and is available with a candle or glowing gift box.