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2 KN95 for You - 3 N95 for Them!

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Price: $16.00
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Prod. Code: HOS2

With this deal, you get two CE certified "regular grade" KN95 masks delivered to your door, and the medical institution of your choosing gets three CE and FDA certified "regular grade" N95 masks! These are cheap because we are not marking them up :) 

*The difference between "regular grade" and "medical grade" masks are the way they are packaged. They offer the same level of filtering protection, but regular grade masks are packed in bulk, while medical grade masks are individually packed in sealed sterile envelopes. Please keep this in mind, if you are sending these to someone who has a compromised immune system. They will only want the medical grade versions. With respect to filtering abilities, both of these masks are upgrades over the basic "blue" surgical masks that are typically used in hospitals under normal conditions