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Superstore (RETAIL) Hours


  Open Closed
Sunday 11:00 6:00
Monday 10:30 8:30
Tuesday 10:30 8:30
Wednesday 10:30 8:30
Thursday 10:30 8:30
Friday 10:30 8:30
Saturday 11:00 8:00

We are located at 8520 New Falls Road, Levittown, PA, between Levittown Parkway (aka Oxford Valley Rd) and Penn Valley Rd (aka Hood Blvd.)  Just a little bit south (toward Levittown) and across the street from the Burger King that is near Pennsbury High School. We share a parking lot with Kenwood Pools, and our building is behind their propane filling station.  See our "Driving Directions" page for exact directions from any location.